Marina is asking about a man in her life.  She says, ” Although I realize that there are other men out there, I feel a great connection to Z and would like to know if it is right to be patient with him. I know it isn’t good to put my life on hold for one person and I won’t, but I just feel very strongly that this person was meant for me and I for him. Is my intuition right?  And what does he think of me?

There is fear.  There is not much I can say about this.  She can wait and feel that this one has great potential, but until he moves and becomes whole, it is limited to what can be between the two of them.  She must ask herself if this is the way she wants to start a relationship.  Often the way it begins is the way it ends.   Dearest Marina, it is not needed for you to know what this one thinks of you.  It is for  you to know what you think of you and your choices within.  Oh my love, don’t wait too long for you are so lovely.  There is much happiness for you.  If not this one, there is a particularly a great one you will yet meet.