KF asks about a most interesting man she recently met. She says, “It is obvious that we connect on many levels. I am eager to befriend him but at the same time I am anxious about whether to pursue a relationship of any kind with him. Could you help me understand our connection and ease any anxiety about his presence in my life. Thank you so much.”

This one must trust that all ways have been healed. She now can make choices for herself with a clear mind knowing that some will be right and some will not. This exotic being she has met is to awaken her. She has been on a spiritual path this one, as with all beings. This ancient being needs very much to seek out that which is right for her, to share the wonder of her path. And she has just begun to understand the wonder of her path and that she will be helping many.

Do not worry of how others judge what you choose; trust in your own need.

She needn’t fear that this being may seem wild or very different. She sees a very deep and gentle soul. All beings grow and move through times of great growth. Do not worry that this being has not grown as much as you have, dearest one.

Enjoy knowing and meeting. Be in no rush. You are a deep and loving being. Allow it to proceed.