KOJ writes:

If predetermined promises with others and ourselves are made before our lives start, and if our choices determine our direction and experiences with other beings or ourselves, how do predicted experiences or projects come to be? How can it be foreseen that certain events with specific people or works of art or science can be known?


The guide’s response:

Before a person enters into the physical world, there is a time in which they dwell where they realize (or see, or understand) the condition of the rate of their vibrational code.  Each individual’s spirit  vibrates at a certain rate due to the learning through their actions or what you might call promises in the physical world.

Through each element of learning that you go through, your vibration increases.  So, you have to understand that before you enter in you view your path and you will see: I now need to learn this and that. And I need to have that one be with me learning this.   As to where these learnings may be on your path, know that they are tossed out as elusive bubbles, or petals, or things that will be present at any moment. You may choose to pick up on them or not– it is up to you.

You have the knowledge within you, the free will that makes you continue in the life to stay present until certain things are learned.  But as to when you will choose to take them up, this is your choice.  Let’s take addiction as an example.  Perhaps you have heard of beings that had an addictive parent in their life and they had to grow through that.  And when they became an adult they themselves became addicted to something or every partner they met was addicted.  You see, it was their choice to stop at any one of those points and to ask: What is this doing to me?  What is this choice I am making?  How can stop it from repeating?

It does not mean that at certain points you will not come to that place again, even if you have learned it, but then you will be learning it as a different being.  You might be a teacher, perhaps for a being who has this condition, or you might be the doctor that helps them with the hepatitis from that condition.  It is all present, at all times, but it is up to you at which time you will choose to learn it.

Know that such a promise is not laid on you like some debt.  It is there, moving around you, able to be seen, but you will choose.  I think at another time we will talk to you about free will.  It is such a strong force in the physical world and there is very little thought about it.  You seem to think that other things are applied to you instead of understanding that you have caused them to be.

What about when someone is told that they are going to do something with science, or art, or write a book or something?

That is because it has already been learned. But through that process they will learn what they need to do.  If we say to you that you are truly intuitive in numbers and things and you will follow a route that will help you to learn, know that the promise isn’t going to be about the numbers.  If we were to tell you all of your promises you would all just sit around and do nothing.

So when you say that these promises are floating around you, it is like you keep tripping over something and say: What, that again?  And so if you take it on…

You begin the growth.  When you dwell in a linear world you expect a perfect process– but there are no perfect processes.  Your life is a wonderful elixir of energies all moving in different ways for your soul’s purpose to grow.  From the tripping over the condition, to the being railing at you, to the being in your life causing you great difficulty–these are situations where you have a choice.  And wherever there is choice, let it be known there is growth.  And that is what it is about.

For you don’t have to know all of the details–but just know that when something keeps coming up, or if you are frustrated by something doesn’t seem to change, you should stop and say:  Oh is this one of those things?  Embrace it and don’t pile something on top of it so you don’t have to look at it.  Don’t think: Oh, I’ll shut the door and not talk to that one or just walk away and it won’t be there.

Instead, hold the space, fill it with love and say: Alright, I am here, I am willing.  This is how you tackle your problems, your promises. Be willing and be love and then the energy that moves through that promise will happen with light and perfection.

Thank you.