When life is unravelling

I don’t know what is happening but I feel like I am unravelling.  My horse is very lame AGAIN, my car has broken down AGAIN, my relationship is really bad AGAIN. All of these things I dealt with less than a few months ago and they are coming back together. I want to believe that things get better but it is very hard right now. I don’t know how much of this I can take this time. Please give me some encouraging words. I most desperately need some. Thank you.  
You feel you have not integrated your two lives.  There is one side and the other.   And it is because of this back and forth that you are having difficulty.  It is not why your beautiful creature became unstable again or why your car is.  It is because the energy is teaching you something, dear.   So, take a moment.  See the whole picture.  See what this situation is telling you and teaching you.  I know you are confused because you haven’t learned it yet.  So don’t think that is the answer.  Be still.  Breathe deeply.  Are you going too fast?  Are you pushing yourself in a direction that is not yours?  Ask yourself these questions dearest.   And you are truly doing very well.  Do not lose your wonderful ability to laugh and see the light.


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