What’s up with the harder lessons?

white featherG – life can be hard at times and lessons very testing.  It sometimes feel like those living positively filled with love have the harder lessons than those choosing the other path.  Is this true?

The depth of your feeling my dear is in accordance to the wondrousness of your soul.  If your spirit has lived many, many times you feel more intensely. It is often said that the ancient ones have the most difficult lives because they feel all of it with the intensity of the first experience.

They feel the depth of every bit of pain or joy. They see with the greater knowing the wonder of a flower and the heaviness of a feather.  It is not that the new souls do not see or feel it this way; it is that they have no depth to know of it any other way other than what it be in that very instant.  For those that do not feel, they are still learning all of it.

Judge not one better or less, or one more difficult than the other.   For the one that might be feeling the difficulty of the path sees with the intensity and beauty that is far beyond what a new soul would feel.

It is not a wave in measure, it is not a judging of higher or lower, better or worse, it is being each to their own in their moment of growth.  If you feel with intensity, or feel you struggle, it is because you have known struggles before and you are aware that something  is holding you to be in the struggle.

It is not that the new soul does not have struggles.  They do not see it, they don’t feel it and they move quickly through it. And their growth is much less, I will tell you.

But, see all beings and their path and be thankful for the path you walk on — for it is an amazing opportunity to grow.

I work no longer in a body.  I work and live and be in the spirit.  And I will tell you that the experience in the physical world is wondrous, not heavy, not a burden but a delight.

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  1. Elizabeth May 14, 2013 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    Dear ladies and guides,
    Why is it that I see future events? So it is easier to help someone when they ask me for some insight? If its me the future Im seeing, well its more of the feeling, can I change it? I havent been able to so far… However I know the learning side of it, but what is the point seeing it in myself?
    Thank you,
    Kiss kiss

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