Anon  writes:

Can you tell me about my spirit guides who are with me now? If they could speak directly to me what would they want to tell me? What would be the most important? Thank you for this help.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, the beings that surround you want you to know that you are the most precious, beautiful, wonderful being in their sphere of energy.  That they reflect back to you the magnificence of what you are. That they would love for you to see you as they see you: a radiant life, a very beautiful body.

They would want you to know that you need to make choices for yourself.  You have been trying to please that male figure in your life for a long time, the one that is the father.  The one that you never quite understood.  But you can still love this one without limiting yourself.  It is a time to start doing things for you.

Why do you not try to communicate with your own wonderful spirit beings that surround you?  Their voice can be heard in gentle loving words, never destructive.  It may not be a voice in your mind.  It might be a warmth in your heart, a tingle in your fingertips at first or perhaps simply seeing a certain creature to answer a question yes or no that will appear.  But you set the rules blessed one and you decide how the communication with them shall be.  And understand dear that you are never alone.