What does it take to live a good life?

Kristine asks what it takes to live a good life.

To live a good life is to walk a good path, to see all that is on it. To understand that they be for what they be. They offer, you choose, you grow. At every opportunity of making a choice, to stop and think ask within yourself “What part of me feels good about this choice, or that choice?” In every opportunity there is a choice and it offers growth. And every being in this physical world, whether they be brand new or ancient, knows within a choice whether it is a good choice, or a less than good choice. They are all good.

Yes, I’ve often heard that there are no wrong choices, but maybe sometimes the path that they lead to is a longer one (laughs).


So to lead a good life we just need to listen to that inner knowing?

Yes—and to trust that you are magnificent–that you are not an accident, that you have purpose. It doesn’t have to be in any one understanding. Ah, to grace, to be grace, to be one. There are sayings of every kind to explain how to be it, to witness it, to see it, to embrace it, with joy. To understand that there is purpose for sad things. You can learn in them, but then you must choose to move forward. And that takes the greatest courage.

There is purpose in everything. Yes, there are accidents in some elements of chaos when great energies or forces have collided together. Accidents can happen and then beings have to make choices rather quickly. But always there are choices, for therein lies the growth. And your purpose here is to grow, to move forward.

Mhmn. In this messy world.

This beautiful world. In all its mess it is beautiful. For even in the moments of the greatest chaos you can see the beauty. The human being is an amazing thing. When it is filled with rage, it is vibrant, its energy shakes. It is beautiful when its tears run down its face. It is beautiful when it laughs from the very base of its soul. To live a good life is to see it, to be it–not afraid, not boisterous–but just be it.

I’m thinking of stories I hear about people who do terrible things to other people and when I hear about those it makes me afraid. Afraid for the world I guess.

Oh my dear, do not close your heart with fear. Open it. Fear has a purpose; it helps protect your being. But your being is safe for you are of love. You needn’t run; you needn’t escape. Your conscious mind struggles with old hormone elements. But in truth, you must trust that all beings will do what the need to do to grow. Some must murder, and it is with hope and love and trust that they must grow through that. Some must be murdered. They offer growth and they take growth. I’m not judging as to whether it’s good or bad. I don’t know if this is something you can write for many to hear, but you understand what I want you to know: fear not. Oh yes, if something frightens you of course you must run with fear and the adrenaline will pour through your body. But in just hearing how you world lives, open your heart for that heart is very strong. Embrace those that have closed their hearts and do not grow. Embrace them with the greatest love and light that you can. For theirs is the greatest struggle. A closed heart is not something you want ever to have. I use the word heart as the physical centre but in truth it is a closed spirit. And there are many. But they are very new souls usually–and they have just decided that it is only their way and they will not even listen or think of any other thing.

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  1. Andrea February 21, 2008 at 7:51 pm - Reply

    What a great question to ask! Thanks for the wonderful words.

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