What can one person do?


A conversation between Joanna and a high guide about creating a world of peace rather than a world of negativity… 

My concerns about the world and its future just keep getting more and more grave. I see corporations putting patents on seeds, co-opting water to sell for profit, developing chemicals that kill the bees, building pipelines through pristine wilderness. I could go on and on. Yes there are people working to stop these things happening but since the corporations and most governments operate hand in hand it seems impossible to stop them. Millions of people are so busy just getting food on the table that they cannot even think about these problems, much less do anything about them. What can one person do?

You are in a very difficult time, a time where things are moving quickly but not clearly. And not with great certainty that the movement will be safe. That is what you are sensing. But at the same time that there is this somewhat chaotic movement, there is a strong movement of love and compassion. You don’t hear about it very often because many of your society’s systems love to talk about things that are frightening.

Floods and wars and…

They are realities. And it seems that they get a great deal of attention from people who are filled with fear. And then they breed more fear. There have always been floods; there have always been wars.  When any beings put up a fence between them and say that one side is better, you can have a war. It is interesting that the human beings do this whereas the animals never have. They will fight over a mate, but not over land.

The ideals are falling and new ones are being propped up by propaganda and falsehoods, and with that of course they must only come crashing down. You cannot fear a flood. You must always know that where you build your little house is in a safe place. Those flood plains have been known.

The wars have been coming and going and rising and falling away. If the ideals are pure and good they will survive. But if they’re under the notion of falsehoods and lies then they will have controls and they will stamp out the truth. Only to be created again in another way, in another time. A circle within a circle can be a negative circle as well as a positive one.

What is it you ask, my child?

I’m asking what I can do, as one person. It’s hard because in our lives there are so many things that keep us busy and I’d like to know what’s the best use of time to promote the positive.

You ask this and yet you know it: to be positive, to be present, to be in the moment. To act to the highest that you can, to your vibrational code. To be not without empathy for those. To cry real tears when you feel real pain. To be in the midst of chaos and try to maintain a calm. It’s what one does. To choose, what is it called in your world?…the high road, does not mean to be above all the pain. It means being right in the middle of it, giving a hand up, putting on a light in the darkness, smiling when others are not. Crying and holding one when one is shaking with fear. That is what you can do.

And if you are in the position to affect many, make sure your choices are for the best of the many. And if you are in the position of feeding many, make sure you do it for the truest purpose: to fill an empty stomach that might empower a brain to make the right choice. Not just to make you feel better.

Do you see what I say, my dear? Every footstep is important in this physical domain. Every footstep carries the ability to create a world of peace or a world of negativity.

And in the middle of a war the greatest things can happen, the greatest growth can occur. And in the middle of a flood a hand can pull you out. And many can be healed. Saving one life can be saving millions. You see my dear, no act is too small, or too big.

Remember as well that each being is walking to their own vibrational state. And if a new soul just for one moment thinks about the state of another, then we say Hallelujah, they have grown. They may not do any act of heroism but it they saw and thought and held the thought for one moment, then growth occurs.  On the other hand, if a very ancient soul who walks upon this physical plane many times is in the midst of pain and agony and turns their back and doesn’t act, well that is a very sad state of being. Were they overwhelmed? Or were they just too sad to see it happening over and over? They must step forward and embrace it and hold it, even in the sadness or the overwhelming.

You know, the walk of the ancient ones is the most difficult. To know the pain, to feel it with all, and not be able to help, but only to love.. and to love… and to love. Bless you. I love you.

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  1. Rosy July 14, 2013 at 3:54 am - Reply

    I recently had a fall and my left arm was fractured .A surgery was done. Though the impact of the fall was high and both my left forearm bones were broken and displaced, I didn’t feel any pain neither at the time of fall nor after surgery. Even my doctor was surprised to know this. I would like to know why the accident happened and why I didn’t experience any pain.

  2. LaToya July 15, 2013 at 6:23 pm - Reply

    What am I supposed to be doing as a career? I feel as if I am standing still facing several possible avenues to travel down, toward the career path that is right for me and at the same time feeling lost. I don’t know if it’s even possible to get specifics to this question from my spirit guides without the vague answer like “helping people.” Crossing guards “help people,” the car wash attendant “helps people.” I am confused and feeling like I’m running out of time to make a move.

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