Welcome light and love into your life

Anne Marie  writes:

Thank you so much for the enlightenment.  You’re right, I always keep my feelings hidden. I am always afraid of disappointment, as we all are I’m sure. I am deeply in love with someone that I have known for eight years, and over the course of those years I have not been totally honest with him. I always think about him.  All my memories have been very vivid when it involves him. I recently decided that I am going to be true to my feelings and pursue him.  Did I make the right decision?

The guide’s response:

If it took eight years for you to make this choice, you now ask me, my dear?  Blessed one, pursue love and light.  Open yourself to welcome love into your life.  For you dearly, dearly deserve and need it.  Be not so judgmental against yourself.  Welcome light.  As to right or wrong, there is none; there is growth.  Allow it to be and to unfold, being excited with whatever outcome.  For you do see the light and the love in all beings.  Be, my child.

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