Ways to find joy in life again

Gail is trying to grow.  She says she feels she is not and the things she used to enjoy seem unimportant and she has no direction or ambition.  She writes, “I would like for the other me to show her face again and get a little joy in my life.”

The other me, interesting she says this.  You cannot undo growth my dear; you cannot go backwards.  That part of you is still very much alive and within you.  And  there’s nothing wrong with becoming bored or frustrated with a situation in which you feel bored or not moving forward. Do an about face.  Do something you would never have done before.  Do something exciting and creative.  You have always had order and ritual and rhythm to your life, and now you would like to throw it all out and do something chaotic and crazy.  Well do it.  You used to do it, but you’ll do it in a different way now.  Don’t be afraid.  Do something completely different.  Spend money, not in ways you did before but on something very creative for yourself.  Something like…being an actor, where you step into another realm, completely different.  Oh, I will say in many ways you probably felt you were being one.  Well try it on completely differently.

OK, there are some clues for her there.


Thank you. I’ll pass these words on to Gail.

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