Greg writes:

 Guides, I am an IT engineer on a break. I need to know the next steps towards my career.Please guide.

The guide responds:

Dearest one, your break, your time now, though you have created an understanding of it… you are not well. In order to give yourself time away… why is it that you must be unwell to take time to breathe, to take time to experience other things. You have limited yourself and others limit you because of it. They think that is what you are and that is what you must stay. It is a condition seen many times in the physical world, that if you present yourself as one thing, oh heavens you couldn’t have many more things within you. But you are many more things than this. Many. Like the finest diamond you reflect different colours and different passions.  And to follow one of them you are afraid of it.

So stop all things, put down all excuses. And say out loud: I am choosing something else for me to be and do right now. And just say for right now, it doesn’t have to be forever.

What is it in your world where you say something and then think you must follow it for years and years, until you’ve thrashed yourself into complete exhaustion so that you can’t even think about the thing any more. You hate it; it wears sores upon your being to have to even think about it. And then you might well say: Yes I’m sick and must leave it.  Oh, forgive me for carrying on about this.

Choose light first of all.  Go to the library. Walk amongst the books, have them talk to you. Go to a church, sit in a pew, listen to the voices. Go to a huge green field and lie in the grass and stare up at the sky and breathe free unadulterated breaths that have no rhyme or reason other than just to support you. Just to feed every cell, a new song, a new thought, new oxygen. And then in time start to remember what that little person you used be wanted to do. What tickled your fancy before you got all serious about needs of money and such? Why is this a fit of fancy to do that?

Do you know how amazing the human body and spirit are? That you can channel through so many different things—and all of them be perfect for different times in your life? So no, I’m not going to tell you what to do. You are going to follow a path to it.

I know you gave yourself a limited time. And you might become anxious as that time goes by. But maybe there’s a purpose in that too. Maybe you are far too anxious about limiting yourself.You need to talk to people—at the grocery store, at the bookstore, or just sitting having a caffeinated drink. (I hear they’re very good).

Open your heart to people. You chose that career because it was easy and safe. And it might be a little bit scary to talk. But actually you have a lot to say. Bless you my dear. Bless you.