Wanting someone to see the light of who you be


BL writes:

I have 2 men in my life and am wondering if either one of them is the one I should look to have a future with. I have invested money with one and am wondering if that is a sound financial decision and could possibly move into a romantic relationship and the other one I have invested alot of time with. I am feeling that I really want to live with a man and have a partner. Are either one of these men right for me or is there another amazing man that is coming into my life? Thank you so much for your assistance. Many blessings.

The guide’s response:

Firstly, blessed dear one, you try so hard always to do the right thing.  You are very fearful of making a mistake or being hurt.  And at the same time you walk that tightrope, wanting to trust, to dance over the horizon, to love.  The simple fact that you query which one, does that not tell you blessed one?  Which do you love?  Which could you love?

One of them is very black/white, right/wrong.  Numbers are his understanding.  He wants very much to go out into the world to prove something.  Does he see you? The other has so many issues, so many difficulties.  You have been an amazing helper and healer, but you don’t know if his depth is there.

You do want to have a partnership but you’re not allowing your heart to feel, to talk to you as to what it must have.  So this is what you do:  ask yourself, if you were in a great need or a deep sadness, to whom would you turn?  And with whom would you feel you could fall into their arms and be held?  And with whom would you feel relaxed enough to tell all your worries and trust that they would just see the light of who you be.  For this is what you want.

You want to share the joy, the laughter, but also the burdens of life.  You don’t want to be the one that they look to for the strength, but you want it to be shared back and forth.  You are a wise being, but you don’t trust your inner voice.  You know there is another yet to be.

But in the meantime you can still have joy and love and laughter.  It does not mean you cannot be with either of these beings—and enjoy their light.  They are as different as chalk and cheese.  And you, my dear, you are the elixir that they crave.  You want to look at someone that way.

Have I answered the question?  No.  Have I presented another one?  Yes.  Oh, blessed one, you are very wise. You already knew the answer.  You are not alone.


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