Walk barefoot and express your playful side

Walking barefoot

I am at a crossroad of wanting to make changes.  Can you provide some guidance for the next few months.

You see when I hear you, my dear, it is just you and I.   Your wee heart blessed one, you are sad and it is alright to be sad. There is a part of you almost desperate to make this change for you say you are at a crossroads but you’ve been walking along the crossroads for a long time.

It is time to step into it, maybe take your shoes off, maybe walk barefoot on a beach. The playful side needs to be expressed.

Oh, you’ve been such a good person.  You’ve followed all of the rules. You’ve held your head up when you wanted to scream and stamp your feet.  Blessed one, perhaps take out five minutes and scream and stamp your feet.  You will feel a lot better.  And then, take some deep breaths and remember the creative force so wise within you.  In fact, that is the struggle between your amazing intellect and your heart.  Do something crazy, something playful, make a change, wear chartreuse.

Blessed one, it is all there for you and you are the only one holding it back and you are tired of holding it back.  And you can make a move.  I love you.

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