Aurora asks if her  Prince Charming is coming soon.  She say, “I’ve been waiting too long and I’m ready for his arrival. Thanks.”
Loneliness is something that so many beings fear.  Your society labels this as a negative, instead of understanding that in times of being one with oneself, there can be great growth.
Dear one, understand that you will be very busy soon in the excitement of love.  But understand and be excited about you first.  The anticipation, the opening, be not afraid of all of these parts of being in this physical world.
Do not hurry and rush through this time, but understand that it has a purpose. To take time to do your hair, to take time to look upon your being in all of its wonder.  Time is not a burden, it is the creator of growth.  Love yourself my child. You may think in time Prince Charming has a few pimples.  But take time now to love yourself and ensure that what you want is whole. All parts are important.