Sandy asks about a man she has become involved with. She says, He has been in a relationship for some time that isn’t good, but he is hesitant to leave because he doesn’t want to hurt the child they have together. I don’t know why I feel such a strong connection to him when I know we cannot be together. We are both torn. Is there any hope for us, or should I just move on before things go any further?


It is true, he does love you and you him. Dearest one, do you want someone who cannot make a choice? Is it not better to be clear and healthy and happy then to have a quiet life of discord?  Dearest one, choose for yourself what you need and move forward. This state of waiting is not healthy for you. There is great hope when one makes a choice as it frees the other to do so as well. Bless you my child.

Joanna’s note:  Sandy,  sorry for the delay in responding to your question.  We had asked this question of the guides but somehow the answer got separated from the question.  This is the response from the guides in a session from late November.