Two friends with similar energies, yet still separate

Annas  writes: 

My dear friend and I are wondering where our friendship came from, and what we can offer together. Thank you so much.

The guide’s response:

When one enters into the physical world, there are many elements that can drain the energy from a being.  But with beings such as your friend, when you are together you can recharge.   In other words, both energies are similar.  It’s as if you were to transfuse one another.  Like a blood type, you two have an energy type that is similar.  And so when together you could create magic, there is no doubt, in whatever avenue you decide to pursue.

There have been lifetimes together when you have taken on very large aspects of learning.  It is why you are very symbiotic in many ways.  But you are still separate, with individual needs for growth and individual promises.  Don’t forget this. When you come together, recharge, rejoice.  If you wish to take it on into a form of action, do so.  But remember, the joy must always be there.


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