I feel a sense of worry and a lack of balance inside of me about things that are going on around me.  I feel frustrated at times.  Can you help me to understand what is going on?

You have a very high vibration, my dear.   And you have found yourself in a very anxious, nervous state where the smallest things can irritate you. You need to do a lot of meditation, thinking, going through different issues, releasing them and going to the edge and knowing that you will not fall off.  I know your world has many phrases and words that fit these anxieties, but try not to label yourself.

Try to see yourself as a distinct beautiful being that is trying to flower in a world that has very little water.  You must find those with like minds that you feel comfortable with.  Evolved beings such as yourself do not find a lot of friends that are easy to talk to about all things.  An evolved being such as yourself often has some fears that come from past lives.  So, try not put to put a label on a thought or a feeling, but see it, feel it, go through it and allow it to release.  The more you visit it, the less effect it will have on you and the stronger you will feel.

Many phobias and fears that come from past lives are not ever meant to come again–so know it is in the past.  You live in a world full of negativity that seems to find happiness in negativity. But you do not need to. Turn it off, do not read it.   It isn’t that you are walking away or putting a dull understanding to it; it simply means it is not for you right now.  You will help when you are strong.