Nancy says she is confused about what to do next and about trusting herself about making decisions.  She writes, ” I have met someone, nothing serious, but of course I am afraid to get hurt again so I am pretty careful and protect my heart. I am not to sure why I met this man. I do have concerns because he is a bit younger then me and I wonder why he is in my life right now. I think the Universe is trying to challenge me and see what I am going to do. I try to listen my inner voice. One part of me says just go with the flow and you will see and the other part of me is saying just stop this now, it is safer? I guess it has been a while since I have listened to my inner voice and I am not too sure which one is right and which one is wrong? Why is this younger man his in my life right now?

To teach you again to open up that part of you that is so shut down.  Your relationships in the past have been very hard on you and you have grown an armor around yourself fearful of pain and hurt.   Many words have attacked you in many ways. This one is going to open you again.  Trust in this joy and this light.  Expect nothing except to learn about love again.  Trust your inner voice again my dear.  The old voice saying it is not safe is from the time before.  It is an old tape, it is not your spirit voice.

How can she tell the difference?

Negativity is never a spirit voice.