Mary’s granddaughter asks about trust.  She says, “I have been trying to do a lot of inner work lately but still have a block regarding trust issues which I am concerned may damage some of my relationships.  Can you advise on how to deal with this block or tips on how to be clear on who to trust?”

This one desires very much to learn, to grow, to see, to evolve … to heighten her vibration.  Dear one, you say inner work, and I assume from this that you are looking to yourself. But I feel you are judging yourself my dear.  I want you to have the compassion of the universe for your own self.  Look upon your being with love, tenderness; this is the most precious gift. And know that you have difficulties, that sometimes you have said things and wished you hadn’t.

Stop hiding my child.  You have a wonderful path ahead of you.  You have come teach so many something very valuable.  Not yet time to know of it; in time you will.  Inner work: seek your truth.  Seek what you consider you.  When you make a choice, ask yourself how does it make your body feel? In your decisions, do they lift you?  Or do they make you feel heavy? Listen.  Watch. See who you truly are.  I see an amazing being.  You will too.