S writes:

Dear Spirit Guides,

I have met someone with whom I feel a strong connection.  The issue is that we only briefly met, but it was intense and memorable. I felt like I was going crazy. (Why do I feel so strongly about a stranger? Why was it all so confusing?)

Now he seems to be searching for someone online. I have responded.  The problem is that I do not know if it is me he wants. I am scared to fully reveal who I am. Part of me wants to leave things the way they are and walk away. A psychic recently told me that this is just an infatuation and he completely forgot about me that day. I am questioning everything I feel. Maybe I just “manifested” this whole thing with wishful thinking. Maybe I’m just lonely and reading too much into things. Please help me see whether I should just let this one go to take the leap and reveal who I am.

The Guide’s response:

You are two sets of beings right now, my dear:  One a strong, radiant stand-alone being and the other that very much wants to be taken care of, sheltered, nurtured.  One is angry with the other one and afraid to integrate together to be one.   For one is very strong and one is willing to be weak or afraid to be heard.

You wish to never be thought of foolish for you see yourself as perhaps being foolish before–but you are not.  You are a beautiful being, loving and kind. You often speak, filling the air so that no one will see your tender heart.  This is why you have placed yourself in this position. No, you have not created an avenue to hurt yourself.  But you have created an avenue in which you must trust in your gentle heart, to love yourself enough to tell your truth.

I cannot tell you what to do dearest, for if I did you would not do your work.  But I want you to step aside from you at this time and see who you are.  You are beautiful, you are strong and you are gentle.  Trust in that, dearest.  Choose love for you and you will know what to do.