Trayvon Martin – continuing the dialogue about justice (see post below)


Well this brings me to the murder of the young boy named Trayvon and the man was acquitted and yet everyone knows he is responsible.  One of the guides mentioned that this was a learning and an opportunity for society to look its laws. Was this something that this young boy, Trayvon, came to do. Was it a promise for him?

Guide – Yes.

Could you speak a little more about that?  

I am limited to what I can speak about another being’s promise when you are not directly connected with them. But this was a very evolved being, and those that knew him would know that he felt there wouldn’t be a lot of time. That he was somewhat directionless because he had a sense that his issue would come up quickly. That he had a deep knowing of right and wrong, and liked to just be a child. For he was an ancient being in a youthful body, but knowing the task that was set before him—to teach a great number of beings—he was just going to enjoy the time he had.

And what about Zimmerman, why was he protected from prison. Again, was that a promise? Was that something that was laid out beforehand?

He did have a promise that he should learn something when the opportunity arose. He chose not to the highest of his ability. The promise is not yet complete for him. You might think of two beings who have a promise together as a debt in some way. His is not complete.

You speak that he has not been accused and yet your society has accused him. And he does not have freedom. He has fear. He is more afraid now than he ever was. The fear that dwelt in his body before he did this act has only multiplied, because his choice was less than that that he should have chosen. I am not judging; he knows this. He struggles each day wishing that he had not chosen what he did. He is afraid of himself. He trusts no one and will only find difficulty until he can speak truthfully.

So, even though society doesn’t punish these people, they feel the effects of their actions.

Each being that was in this state of choosing whether he should be freed or not was given certain facts to follow. Each one knew this being did kill and did it out of a fear, but they had no choice.

Because of the Judge’s directions to them?

Yes, and the manipulation of the law.

 And how does the judge feel?

Doesn’t want to think about it. Feels very unhappy about it. But they put it off saying their hands were tied, that that had to.

These things happen time and time again. It’s now reminding me of the man who was shot (Tasered) by the police in the Vancouver airport (2007) and there was a cover-up that followed.  When there was an inquiry no fault was found, and yet everyone knows the police officers acted in a wrongful manner.

 Yes, they acted out of fear, and power, because they could.

 If our court systems are corrupt or not operating from the highest, is there any kind of divine justice that happens?

 If you’re asking if there is someone in this dimension who will punish, no my dear.

 No I’m not asking that. I want to know when that person leaves their body upon death, is there any kind of awareness or growth, or realization of the weight of their actions?

Hopefully yes, but again it’s up to the being. Some may stay in a state of “no growth” because of the act, and choose not to move forward. All beings must experience this very growth you are talking about. It is a necessary part of understanding the human condition: to have power and to be without it; to take a life, to give a life; to be in control of another, and to have one controlling you. It’s all part of the human condition to learn, to feel it to the highest degree of what it is within your being.

Some may need to experience this many times to understand their role in it. New beings do not understand at first. They often struggle with the understanding that they didn’t have the right to take another life, that it wasn’t justified.  To walk in your own path, to learn your own learning and growing, to not disturb the fate of another.  For they have walked in the path where they have taken and given, and received growth in understanding and vibration.

And so all of these beings make up your systems. You may have a judge that is not an evolved being; you may have a lawyer that is just simply there because they thought it would be a good thing to learn in school.

Or because they want to make a lot of money?

 In school they are told these certain careers make a lot of money, until they start to walk it, to be in it.

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  1. Opening mind September 13, 2013 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    How does one know where he or she is in their growth, or even in the age of their souls? You say that all beings must experience the various conditions of being human: to have power and to be without it; to take a life, to give a life; to be in control of another, and to have one controlling you.
    Does the fact that at this stage in my life I have no desire or need to control another, I am abhorred by the taking of life, I feel the pain of the injustice of the world, mean that I have evolved through these stages and am beyond it? I sure hope so, because I don’t want to have the taking of a life part of any future learning. I truly am trying to walk a joyous, loving path to all in this realm.
    That prompts another question. How do we know when we are in a no growth situation? Is it when we don’t feel love and joy?

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