Waronadipose writes:

I have been thinking a lot about the Trayvon Martin case and how it is such an opportunity of growth for so many. Do the guides have any insight on this? Did Trayvon agree to leave so early or was he taken out of life too soon? Also, if one does not commit suicide, but is taken out early by someone like Zimmerman, do they have to repeat life all over again like they would if they had committed suicide?

The guide’s response:

Oh my dear, these situations are unique on to themselves.  This one, this being (Trayvon) is a very bright light and came with the promise of teaching others   And so in leaving, completed the promise.  Even though it might be difficult for you to understand, he offered the opportunity for the other being to grow, to make a choice that would help that being grow.  And as I am sure, many beings that knew this one saw it many times that he perhaps would be in the middle of a situation that created growth for others.

If the promise is complete, there is no need to repeat.  I know it is hard when you see such negatives in your world.  But there is still a wonderful, positive occurrences that occur in your world and that is happening.

So it wasn’t just to teach Zimmerman, it was to teach many?

Yes, to teach many, and that is up to them. So it is unknown exactly what the whole is yet to be, but definitely know that bright, bright soul is complete.