To dance and make some noise


Being Willing – this past year has been very difficult emotionally and physically.  My partner severed our relationship in an email addressed to my office. Needless ot say, I was both surprised and wounded!  I have put a lot of energy into the process of healing, but feel I still have a little more to accomplish.  My life today is definitely better than it was a year ago.  Having said that I am so ready to welcome a new life’s partner!  Dear Spirit Guides can you give me some indication that I am on the right path and someone is looking for me also?

Dearest one, dear, dearest one, you keep everything so secretively deep within yourself.  You share very little of who you be.  It is as if you are a world on to yourself, fearful that if you were to speak of the true desire or needs you have, other than what you might do with some music or a situation of laughter, your tender heart you protect so deeply.

Yes, dearest one, there are many willing to love you.  I know you seek only one.  But there are many friends too that would love to feel more welcomed and that is what occurs when you share your light and love with others.  People feel welcomed in your light, for when you open and radiate that that you be, it creates a space for others to be in as well.

Shock is the best word to express what you have been through and misunderstandings.  What you believed to be was not what was.  And so you must open your world to others in order to them to understand who you be.  You must also speak.  You have bowed to the energies of others so many times.

It truly comes from a previous existence.  Not in the land where you live now, but another. There was an idealism that all beings were more important than you.  You came quickly to this life and the past is still very much there with you.  So, I ask you blessed one, to stamp your feet, to sing out loud, to make your presence known and understand its worth, its wonder.  You are balancing that that was and you might feel terrible uncomfortable with the noise.  But it is important that you do it for a while.

It might seem strange that you are to go out and be noisy.  But this is what I ask of you, dearest. Rejoice in the physical domain.  Sing, dance, laugh, stomp your feet, clap your hands.  The partner you wish will come forward in time.   Not at the moment you make all of the noise.  It is simply making a statement of vibrational presence.  Bless you my child.


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