To be or not to be

How can we make the best use of our time here?

By being that that you are, by being the state of your evolution.  By understanding that you must be truth to yourself.  This is so often confused when one lives amongst many that one should be the same as, but each of you are separate and unique and beautiful.  Each is radiant with your own learning going forth, finding ways in which to express the light that you are into the world.  All beings have this great desire to express who they are and to be loved.  To connect with the love that they feel they have separated from.  That is why this search is on.  Some will call it a search for a truth, but it is a search for love.  And in this process, honour this planet.  It is so very beautiful, so perfect.  Honour it.  There is a belief that you should walk upon it and never leave a trace, but leave your presence in the hearts of those that have known you.

You are the total number of experiences you have lived and grown through so you are very vast.  The sum total of your spirit is all of this learning and as you evolve you become more in touch with it.  That is how you know if you were to do an action that was not right for your being.  If you have already done it, you have learned and have grown through it, and it has a very definite place within your vibration.  You need not redo it unless you think in your time of learning that you should improve on this.  If your actions were less than what you would choose to do now, then you can improve upon this.

To help connect with your spirit, you may choose to begin each day by simply taking your hand and placing it on your chest and saying these words “I AM, I AM, I AM.”  You will reunite your being with your energy.  In other words, your conscious mind with your spirit.  It helps you to understand that you in charge of your choices, your actions.  Yes, you are.  You cannot blame your being on another.  Not your mother nor your father.  You have chosen to come forward to be present.  Perhaps along that way you might become a bit confused.  Perhaps you might get a bit angry and wish to stay in a state of no growth.  Say these words to yourself, only to yourself.  You can say it into your reflection if you wish.  It matters not.  It is the connection of the hand over the chest and the words that remind you to be.  To be that that you are.

It is time in your physical plane the overturn of souls has occurred.  And it is this time, the ancient ones often do not want to be the teachers, or the leaders, or step into this role.  But it will be a different one than what you have seen in the most recent history.  It will be gentle.  It will come from such gentle words.  They will not be harsh.  It isn’t a time to follow, it is a time to act onto your own truth.  Though, I do not say that you cannot gather in large numbers to direct energies, or to fill empty stomachs, or to build wonderful places for prayer.

But it is the individual teaching that is important now.  You might think it almost as a mentor, but you will not need to single out one being.  Every person that you are with, be completely with.  Give them  your whole attention.  Be sure they know that you love them.  Love is not some idle thing to attain some height or importance.  It is the deep unconditional caring of the growth of that being.  Be that to all others.  These ancient ones must do this.

It is not a time to follow in mass.  It is a time to act individually with that knowledge that is your truth.  Be responsible for your own growth and see how it teaches.  Teach those you love that you care for your being enough that you will teach only to the highest.  Teachers are not necessary those that stand in front of the classrooms.  They can be the mother, the father, they can be that friend that is always there.  They can be someone you only see for a second, but what a way they looked at you.  Their eyes, their smile, touched the very centre of your being.  Take time to do this.  Do not rush forward in the process of simply sustaining life.  But take time to look into the souls of those you love and those you love simply because they be.  When you come to a place of loving all beings this way, you will teach all beings this way.

Take this opportunity of a lifetime and truly love it.  See the beauty, see the wonder in growth.  Be not afraid to move forward into new things.  You might think there is not a step in the ladder to go to, but trust that it will be there and you will be held up.  Trust in your inner knowledge, your inner love.  Be that that you are.  We are always with you.

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