Anni  writes: Hi beautiful spirits.  I really enjoy talking with you and I wanted to ask a question about DTM. Will it come to a clear end or will it be a new beginning? Love, A

The guide’s response:

Well, my dear, you are feeling very stuck in one place almost waiting to take a breath, or to take a move forward.  You feel your happiness depends on another, and yet truly, you are not making a choice.  This has happened before on your path.  Your happiness is in  the balance of others’ choices.

It is time to think deeply of what you want, my dear, instead of sitting and waiting for another to make a choice and then make a choice with you.  What do you want, blessed one?  Because until you make a choice, nothing will change.  Bless you my child. Take a deep breath and make a choice.  What do you want?  Do you want happiness?  You think by making a choice you will be unhappy.  This is not so.  Be free of the burden of carrying others waiting for their decision, constantly waiting.  Make a choice.