Waronadipose writes:

Thank you for your willingness to help. Frankly, I am overwhelmed. I feel like my life is in such turmoil.  I feel like I am on the edge of failure and am starting to feel like I have WASTED a good portion of my life pursuing things that maybe are not that important.

Could you give me insight on my career. I have spent so much time pursuing what I thought was the right path but it feels very wrong to me now. Thank you ALL for your willingness to listen and truly help those of us that feel lost.

The guide’s response:

Dear, dear child of light, you are confused.  You are exhausted.  You often feel that you are repeating the same thing over and over.  There are times that you feel your heart has no feelings.  It is because of the exhaustion. In truth, blessed one, you are definitely a healer. It does not matter what coat you would wear, whether it be a teacher, a doctor.  Anything you choose, the healing aspect of you would manifest through any actions that you did.  So, give yourself some time and space to truly think about how you should manifest bliss in your life.

Did you make the choices for others?  Somewhat, but in truth you made them because you knew that you must have people around you.  Yes, people that now are exhausting you, you must have around you. Instead of constantly trying to do for them, sit and receive. See their faces, feel the moment that you are with them, where they be.  Help it to open your heart to yourself.  Often though, what causes you the greatest strain, you fear you might become. Release this, blessed one. You will find that that you need, a love, and the tenderness.  There is no maybe.  You are.