These are your steps, they leave your footprints, and they teach your truth

Cheenu writes:

Thanks for guiding me. I consider myself blessed to discover one great saint, Sai  Baba, and faith in him is healing me.  I’m still anxious to know if he is with me.  You can see him but I can’t.  People say if Sai Baba is your guide you can see him in your aura.  Is he there with me?  Do i have a connection thru my past lives with him?  Also, I want to know about my spiritual guide.  Is there anything he wants to convey to me? And what’s his name?


The guide’s response:

Firstly, blessed one, listen to what people say and understand that their words are part of their growth.  Understand that they may be conveying something that you can use as a tool, or it may simply be for their own growth.  So you have a choice as to what you wish to accept as their truth, and what is to be yours you will choose for yourself.  You will gain from all information about this by what feels right within your being.

You seek to find ritual and you seek to find positive energy to set your compass by–and this is a good thing, blessed one.  You seek to find the highest that you can be and this is very good for your being. Know that there are many great lights or beings or what you might call saints that have come before you, or even present in your world. They come to teach their truth.  But it does not mean it must be a roadmap for you.  You may choose to walk along it for some time until you gather the strength you need to step up to your own path. And being in your own path is exactly where you need to be, to find your own truth, to heal your own body with the power and the connections you have to the greatest source.  If you wish to take steps through a saint or a great wise one, there is nothing wrong with that. But remember that these are your steps, they leave your footprints and they teach your truth.

The entities that surround you are very high, very evolved beings and they speak wonderful words of light.  Do not worry if your aura seems not what others say theirs are, for many, many speak what they say is their truth but it is what they are hoping will be their truth.  Often in the process of speaking it they grow. And so you must find yours so you will grow.  You must seek whatever method or mode that fits you. If you are trying very hard to fit within another’s you are actually creating a state of no growth for you. Blessed one, trust that you are healing you with the help of all that is around you, the great light of truth is with you.

As to past lives you’ve had many.  Many in which you found comfort amongst large groups and that is why you are often drawn to them now, but time and time again you will find on your path that you are pulled away from it to be that that you are. Trust this. It is not that you are judging them harshly it is that you have a knowing of yourself.  Be that that you are, blessed one.  Love and you shall heal.

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