Support1Noelle – I am worn out, but understand the power and strength my words have with many younger ones. They are drawn to me and seem to seek me out in the most unusual set of circumstances. In order for us to survive and do the work the spirits are asking us to do, we much be able to get by in this money world without losing our connection. How will the universe help us fulfill the role we are being asked to come out and fill? There MUST be help from the universe here so we can take our last bits of positive energy and give it to the next drinkers of knowledge. It is the trapping of this current Earth world…having enough money to live without conventional jobs that restrict us from this calling, this duty to do what we are meant to do. Can we get that help? That message? That freedom?

Spirit Guide – But do you not realize that when you do that that you are passionate about you receive? You receive energy. The exchange is quite magnificent. And in time that does create avenues to receive money and support. Are you willing to give up that passion? I think not. You see, my dear, enlightenment and trust in that that you do will always be supported. You will find that if you simply continue with your work and try not to struggle against it, but be very aware of things positive in your path, that there is support for you.

Yes, you will have to speak about the good you do. You will have to be your greatest advertisement. And support will come for you. Often in your world you are amongst those who wish to see only their own plight. There is nothing wrong with sharing your need in order to be supported.