There is only love

We want all of the wonderful beings that dwell upon the physical plane to grow, to embrace their path, their lives to the height of their vibrational being. For in that, lies growth. To find love in their own hearts for themselves, even if it is not around them. Know that it is there for them, that they are made of love. You don’t have to call it God, mother energy or any name. The greatest power that moves, that creates the cells that are your bodies is love. That there is not negativity within you. Perhaps there is fear. Fear comes from pain. It is often learned into an attitude of fear. What I mean is sometimes someone close has created a fear within you. But that does not mean that there is darkness in you. There is only love. There is only light. When a being gets so very lost, do not be angry with them. Help them to find love. It might be disconcerting when one expresses their fear within. A desperate way to find that light that they feel is closed off to them. Fear can be chaotic but is powerless when love dissolves it. Fear is simply a need for love upside down. They are manifestations of the human form in which to learn. It is truth that a being in a state of no growth can create a great deal of chaos. No growth is very much an unhealthy state to be. Growth, forward movement, this is what you desire. Do not be afraid. Do not judge yourself. Love yourself enough to be that that you are, magnificent, beautiful lights each seeking their own way. Learning, expressing like the most magnificent artist expressing their inner soul. Each being is doing this in every manner that they can. Blessings.

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