Mary writes:

I went to a psychic over the weekend(my second time ever) and was told my spirit guide’s name was Enuk. Enuk had a message for me and that message was “watch where you are going”, and she clarified that he meant literally and not metaphorically. I was hoping to get more of a clear direction from my spirit guide, and I find myself paranoid of things to come. So I guess my question is, “What, specifically, I should watch out for?”
Thank you so much.

The guide’s response:

Gentle one, there are many truths.  There are many ways of creating growth and causing it to happen. I believe this being was trying to make you aware to witness your life, to see it, to step aside and have a good look at where you be on your path.  To be aware of what is happening in it, in a state of non-emotional, non-judgment, but in love. I do not believe you need to worry about stepping off a curb and hurting yourself.  Do not fear.  Information from spirit should never create fear.  It should create growth, forward movement, choices.  I believe if you see that you perhaps may not be looking at some of the actions you are doing, it might help you to grow, to make different choices. There is nothing in spirit to fear.  Enuk is not your personal guide, my dear.  You have an amazing being, a gentle, beautiful being that is going to help you to be very creative, very creative.  In time, you will have good communication.  Ask for it from your own guide to create a form to communicate and let it be unknown to you that they should create a way to know it is them. And trust it dear that you are loved.