There is no death; there is only transformation


Hi. I’m Julia Macneil, 20 yrs old from Glace Bay, NS, Canada. I am dying from a very odd condition. I’m out of time and options. I need to know what my death will be like and who will be there. I am extremely scared.

Dear blessed being. Firstly let me tell you that there is no death; there is only transformation. Your being moves from the realm of the physical world, but you will feel exactly the same. You will not understand it at first, but you will feel light and free and giggly and giddy. Your movements will be of ease.  And you will be greeted by a great host of loved ones, and you will know every one. Even though you may not have seen them in the physical world, they know you so well. And there they will take a time with you until you are ready to move forward.

You, my dear one, may return to a physical life at some point to finish some things of learning. But you already know that you are a very evolved being, a very wise soul. You’re just scared of the actual leaving of the ones that you love so much. You’re not afraid to pass, to transform. You have time to speak of many things. I know it has not been the easiest path, and you might wonder why it was you would choose such a path. Because you do not know the ripples in the still waters that you have created, the growth that you have set in motion for so many.

Great beings like yourself often come to teach many–and take so little for themselves. So, if I can assure you my blessed one, you will feel exactly like you do except lighter and clearer. And your sense of humour will be even more beautiful. So put down your fear, and take a deep breath. You have time, time to tell all of those what you know, what you have kept still within your being. That’s what you are afraid to say, but trust. For they will listen.

Bless you my child, and fear not, for I shall be there. I will be the one in the white. I love you, my dear.

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