There is no death, there is only transformation


I have a dear friend who is preparing to pass over and how does one explain to one that doesn’t have an understanding of that beautiful transition?

Well, dearest one, it is very hard to create truth and understanding for another being. You can only do it by what you live and how you speak.  And you can speak on what you believe shall be.  And I shall tell you something quite interesting; that no matter what you it is you believe, you will experience that at first when you cross over.

If you believe there will be nothing, then you will be quiet and still and there will be nothing for a while until your beings (guides) come to assist you. It is part of free will.  It is part of being in a body; it is part of this dimension, the power of the belief.

So, for this one you may speak firstly, there is no death, there is only transformation. You will leave the heaviness of your physical body and you will travel into a time of knowing and learning and having beings around you that you have known forever and that you will be very comforted.

Some beings, to be honest, do have pain as they exit if they have not felt complete with their physical life.  It is always very good to ask them if they have anything they need to talk about, even if it is very painful.  If you resolve those things before you enter into that time you do no experience the pain, you experience the light.  Does that help you, my dear?

Yes, but can you tell me if I have been able to get through to him?

I would like to say yes, my dear, but he has been just putting up with you now.  And that is alright; do not feel that is a bad thing. He loves your company.

Will he suffer long?

That is up to him, my dear; He will go when he is ready.  I thank you for your compassion and acceptance.

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