Anna  –  my question is about myself. i often feel stuck, and this brings much frustration as i know there is so much potential which i feel i do not act on. what can i do to discover and express what i should be doing? where to put my energies and what to let go of? thank you.

Fristly, my blessed one, I want to ask you the greatest question you can ask yourself is how much do I love me.  You’ve always thought you had this covered, it was always in perfect harmony of self appreciation and likeability.   But there is a dream that you’ve held very secret that you don’t show or talk about for fear.  Do you love yourself to try to be that dream?  You have a great mind and have chosen many things very well.  Be strong and brilliant and step into it.  I will not say what it is for it is not for me to take away from you.  But you can stand in the light and trust in yourself.  You are a brilliant light.