The world financial situation and fear

Can you talk a little bit about the world right now and its fear around money and collapse?

Yes, because you see money is a tool. It does not have any persona. It does not have any density or liquidation. It is a tool, and when there is no substance to much that has been spoken and built upon it, of course it is not going to be there. It has been a creation of those that needed only material things and not the true substance of their growth. And of course it only pertains to the very rich and the very poor. Oh dearest ones, it is a time of returning to that that is real and solid. A time of knowing of the physical world and of trusting in the spirit that moves it. Do not fear. The greatest growth in the evolution of the spirit comes in times when it needs to stand on its resources and its trust with itself. And those that are fake and phony will be seen for it. And bless them their growth that they need to go through. And those that are solid and truthful, they still might have loss of money, but if they are solid they will trust and they shall be supported.

I’m seeing a return of people being more interested in growing things in the soil and working…

And the soil itself. To put attention to that that is at hand. That that you can touch. Is it not true that the beings have been talking about for a long time: take care of your little corner and the world will take care of itself. I know you see the dimension differently than I do but you will understand it the same way by using these words.

Thank you so much. Jane and I were talking about just this yesterday. If you step away from the fear and anxiety about what the media tells us, you can see that the sun still comes up and things still grow in the earth. This so-called cataclysm can be a huge opportunity–not for financial gain–but for personal growth and change. Maybe we’ll be inspired to find a different way to live on our planet. One that embraces nature and companionship and using our bodies to do real work and create real things. Of course there will be difficulties for many, but these difficulties open ways for each of us to grow, to evolve.


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