The Overturn – A high state of alertness in the spirit world


I’m trying to understand this Overturn.  From what I gather we are being asked to be our truth and to take responsibility for our choices.

What does this mean if we stay in a job out of fear or security to pay the rent or buy the food, or stay in a relationship that is no longer growing, how does that play out within this Overturn process?  How does this energy impact each individual?

We ask this strong “down to earth” guide, we often refer to affectionately as the “Professor”, for clarification about this Overturn.  Other guides through the years have also spoken of this time and refer to it as the Overturn of Souls.  We invite you to share this message.

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The Overturn is about growth, my dear, growth and individual beings for their energy, their souls to move forward.

This great number of new souls right now, hopefully, I will never speak of masses but if this was to be if they all moved forward in growth….you see, many years ago this is exactly what happened  which called this imbalance right now.  These middle-aged souls moved very quickly into evolved beings.

I understand this was the late sixties?

Do not put an era on it.  It occurred.  Yes.  Then there was this great vast chasm of very evolved beings not caring about rules and politics, or needing any of that, just following along blissfully and not needing any of that and a great number of new souls arrived on the scenes.  And, in truth thought that shiny rocks and stones were attractive than taking care of anyone else.

The upturn of capitalism and money and stocks and making things out of nothing occurred.

Now, if these beings come to terms of understanding that it is not about money.  It is about individuals, it is about growing, it is about allowing yourself to breathe and the neighbor across the river to breathe too.  If they can come to this place of understanding, this is what will continue.

If, in fact, that does not occur and wars break out more and more so, it will be a greater negative.   It will not be about the Overturn, it will take a long time to balance out again.  It is just simply that you have come to a time, at a peak, a high state of alertness in the spirit world.  I was sent to speak with you in words of not so esoteric, but much more down to earth.

So we are seeing, you talk about people who want money, profit and power over anything else?

Yes, and not thinking about tomorrow.

And these ones are in control right now.

Yes, they have moved into  the middle ground which should be middle-aged souls. They should be the ones  are very good teachers and politicians.  But these beings are not. They are not negative.  I am not telling you they or bad or evil, or some nonsense such as this.  They are simply be where they be in their evolution which is very young, very unevolved.

And the corporations that are suing countries and individuals that interfere with their profit…I don’t know how we can stop this.

Ahh, but you can.  You see, living your truth is in a choice.  And even if you are in a job where you think that this company is not very good, you can still live your truth within that by speaking of it, by acting upon that that is right for you.  If, in fact, you cannot have your actions or choices done within a certain realm, then you should, by all means, find another place to be because that will only cause you detriment.

But you can effect your world be speaking your truth, by living it, by choosing the highest for you.  It does not have to be a laborious thing.  You know within yourself instantly that that feels right and that that doesn’t feel right.  And you know if you are keeping your mouth shut or looking the other way you know that is not right.  To stand strong, to hold the space of love and be.

That reminds me of what Jane was talking about making choices about what you eat and what you buy.

Yes, everything on your forefront coming to you now is giving you an opportunity.

So, each person, so each individual has the power to change the world?

Yes, yes, yes!   Do not think of yourselves  as not having….it is not so much your world, it is changing you, it is changing them and so then the follow up, the  domino effect, your world will evolve.   There will always be beings of youth and ancient that will come.  But the ancient ones don’t like to fight, it is not them, but the young ones fight.   I don’t mean physically young, I mean young souls will fight amongst themselves.  It is the way they learn.  They have to be bashed in order to know what it feels like to be bashed.   An evolved being doesn’t.  They know the consequence of fighting.  They know about caring for others.  The young one doesn’t know about anyone but themselves.  I am talking vibrationally . You have many physically young beings right now that are very evolved beings, but it takes time to get into roles of help.

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