Nicki asked about her cat who recently passed away. She believes he was he reincarnation of a cat that she had loved dearly about 10 years ago, but this time he was only with her for a few short years. She says, “I do not know how I know, but I know something intervened on earth and he was taken too soon. I feel as though I took him to a bad vet and it resulted in his death. When I sit by his grave and call his name I can almost hear him say I’ll be back or come get me. How can I find him again? He was more than a cat to me; he was my constant companion. I feel like I cannot go on without him, miss him terribly. Can I somehow bring him back to me if not in body, then in spirit? I love him so.”

Blessed one, if you feel this is the same being from before, then do you not question why he has come back? To learn, to live, to tell you to live, to move forward. If this being returned, then accept the fact that it was only for a short time. Understand that the transformation from physical to spirit does not mean this being has left. Still very close, still loving you. But understand that you must choose to grow, to move forward. That you must learn to love. You have guilt about this being, and you must not, for that was not its purpose. Release that, and embrace the true lesson of love, of moving forward. Too often, my gentle one, you look backwards. Look forwards to the brilliance of who you be. Look how this blessed creature brought you joy and happiness. Even if it was just for a short time, it was pure and brilliant. Hold on to this dear one, the love. And go forth and find another beautiful being to love, whether it be another small animal or another creature. But allow the love to flow through you my dear, and your heart will stop aching so. For when you stop the flow of love, this is what causes you the pain. This is why you weep. Blessed one, laugh and giggle at the joy that this being brought you. Learn the lesson this one taught you.

She took the cat to a bad vet that resulted in his premature death.

No, no. It’s time here was exactly as long as it needed to be. No guilt, no bad vet, no wrong doing. It could only be for a small time that he returned. A great feat was managed for this to occur. It was the same being. But is not gone, not lost. Just transformed.

Would a small animal be given more than one “exit point” or opportunity to move into spirit, or is it preordained?

Their understanding and their growth patterns are much the same, but much simpler. Much clearer. Their purpose is much clearer, and usually they do not waste time. They understand the physical world with such clarity. It would do all very good to learn to watch them, to take heed.

They are beautiful.

The feline learns that if they can be still and vibrate, their harmony will fill the room. They are very spiritual beings, never think of them otherwise. As are the canine.