Almandine writes:

I wanted to know what you guys have to say about mental/mood disorders like ADD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder. I don’t think that these are actual “diseases” that result from chemical imbalances in the brain and require medication. I think it’s just so much more complicated than that. What do you think? What are the general causes? Do people actually *need* meds to treat these disorders, or is it something usually much more complicated and deeper?

Also, I was on a lot of medications when I was a child and I don’t think I ever needed them. Do you think they did any long term damage to me? I think my self esteem may just be low from being told that there was something wrong with me.  Was there something wrong with me because of the sexual “shock to my spiritual being”? I don’t know exactly what shock you were talking about, I can’t remember that early. What did you mean? Thank you so much, Love and Light to you!

The guide’s response:

Belief is an amazing and powerful thing in the physical world.  Your conscious mind is the part of the mind that makes the ultimate choice on how to be and how to move forward.  You believe that these names and states of conditions are not illnesses, but are labels placed on something that is much deeper than this.  You don’t believe that chemicals will help and if that is your belief then they will not.   If you believe they would help, then it would work.  I hope you understand this, my child.

You struggle with your belief.  You have conflict in your conscious mind that your spirit is filtering through it and you are now coming into  your great growth.  The strength of your being is radiating through.  You are understanding now that your choices have to be true to you, right for you in other words.  They are to feel right in every part of your being.  You have struggled with a certain attitude under which you grew for a long time.  You are not accepting of many conditions that were.  The conscious mind has a way of stopping certain areas of being.  So, when growth is held up, or development is held up in a certain time in the physical world, the conscious mind will almost shut a door to it and then move forward in order that survival will continue.

To open that door must be your choosing, my child.  Enough trauma has taken place and it would never be our choice to traumatize you.  Do not think it is so terrible that you cannot remember or feel it, or that this is a burden you must carry as a great negative.  It can be as simple as a vision, a thought, or words you did not understand, or more complex.  Just understand that something did occur that caused you to think differently about your being.  Your conscious mind adapted a belief of you.  You are now more evolved and willing to look at that door and perhaps in time to open it.  These are words of symbols I use to try to explain what occurred within you, my child.  You are no longer willing to accept the truth of others for you.  That is why you question blanket statements about many things.  This is good.

Do not worry about what medications you were given or how it affected you.  But just try to understand it now, willingly.   And to understand who you be now, more radiant with each day, stronger, clearer, breathing deeply into the whole of your body and accepting it as a powerful, amazing being that moves through a world with great ideas.  These steps might seem laborious, but take them my child with light and love. You are well.  There is nothing wrong with you.