Zarah writes:

Hello loving guides. Thank you for all your help. Can you please guide me in what would be the best direction for my work/career. Would it be wise to go back to school? I didn’t think that was where I belonged but now I am not so sure. Should I continue trying to start my own business? Any guidance you can give me I am grateful for. And there was a guide of sorts who once gave me some information whom I will call W.  Is “he” a guide for me or was it help in passing?  Is there anything else about the song about the dream or anything else relevant and magical about this topic that you would share with me? Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Zarah, dearest one, it is quite interesting that you would seek out to have a message come through another being that you already doubted. You are a very intuitive being and truly your communication with the entities that surround you are your truth.  You need not seek it from a W.  Most entities do not even identify themselves by name or limit themselves in such a way unless there is some ego involved.  So, my dearest one, the magic is you.  The song is to point you in a direction of releasing.  And you know very well your spiritual path calls to you.  Schooling will confuse you, but it would serve a purpose to get you out into communication of more beings, teach you the ability to move through others, and create your reality.  Blessed one, trust.  Seek the teacher that lies within you for you are already there.