The happy ending is you

IMG_0492Funtastick writes:

Hi Guides and Helpers.  Thank you again for your wonderful work. K.C. hurt me really badly and I almost became an angry and  bitter woman.   How do I dissolve this hurt and this anger?  Or should I get revenge to try to hurt him like he hurt me?  (I know this sounds bad but it is one of my thoughts.)  Why was he so cruel to me?  No one has ever hurt me in the way that he has.  I became very romantic (for lack of a better word) with him via texting, he responded positively, but then he cut off the communication abruptly.  He so mislead me, and I felt deeply, deeply hurt, rejected, and attack on my woman hood.  Please help me.  He says he wants me to remain his friend, but I do not believe he truly regrets what he did, that he is remorseful about it, and that he won’t do it again.  Thank you.

One helpful thing is that I was told ahead of time that he would hurt me.  I wish I could have pulled away at that time, but thank you for warning me.  In a previous answer you told me that there would be a happy ending, but I guess you meant with someone other than K.C.

The guide’s response:

Blessed, blessed being, it was very brave of you to put down your open thoughts and to let yourself be very vulnerable.  And you grew amazingly.  And now that’s what this is about: you want to hide again that tender heart that needs so to love and receive love.

Be not ashamed of it blessed one.  Understand how strong you are, to be willing to step out and to say you love freely and willingly.  Because you are filled with love and that is all that can come from you.

It wouldn’t make you feel good to have another in pain.  For you have known pain, you have been judged, you have been limited by the thoughts and views of others.  That would not fit for you.

So, instead of being angry, instead of taking poison and harming your own being with those thoughts, fill your being with light and love.  Surround him with light and love.  Choose if you wish to be a friend or not, but understand that you can love somebody that doesn’t love you.  You can love them for being; you can love them for helping you to grow. When that pain is in your heart, visualize a beautiful light filling your heart and beaming out of it and it will dissolve any angst and fear of being vulnerable.

You’re not foolish, blessed one.  You chose to be willing.  Always choose to be open and loving.

I do not completely understand the world that you live in where words of love can be conveyed by energetic means. Words of love should be spoken from lips and heard by ears.

Try to be more vocal when you are out with people.  For you need to experience touch, full senses of all that the body gives, in the presence, now.

Bless you, my child, for you have not lost; you have gained. The happy ending is you. And you will love again my dear.  You will.

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