Brooke asks about her boyfriend. She says, “It’s a hard thing to describe but our relationship is so… dimensional. I feel like I gave birth to him… And I have a motherly love for him and at the same time he keeps me grounded like a father. He has this energy when I am around him that makes all my thoughts go away. It’s a feeling of “everything is going to be alright.” It’s comforting. It feels like nothing can touch us, we are so strong together. We don’t argue, we don’t question anything. We just do it. And we both just know that this isn’t something people come across everyday. I’m wondering what this is called. Is this a soul mate? Is it someone from a past life? It feels like we are one person.”

This is true. They are not one person, but definitely, this being has been with this one in many lifetimes, 24 actually. They have met on many occasions and shared many promises.

Dear one, do not think for one moment that there will not be difficulties in this relationship. There will be, for there are promises at hand again. And also, do not expect because there is deep love that there won’t be high emotions one way or the other. Beings that have known each other for many, many lifetimes can have complicated relationships. They can be involving many people. They have promises together. Yes, you have been together before.

It is not surprising that you feel you have mothered and fathered. Yes, it is true, you have. It is not time to analyse these things at this point. Perhaps in time. Allow this reunion to mature before you go into too many details of what was. Remember, there is a reason you have come be together again. And rejoice and celebrate it. In fact, my dear, you need to celebrate the moment.

You think a great deal. You work very hard at thinking different things. Celebrate just being. That feeling when you can’t think, allow it to be. It is good.

Thank you. I’ll pass these words on to Brooke.

Interesting that we often have more complicated relationships with people that we’ve been with many times before. I hadn’t thought of that before. There is always a reason for coming together again. I love the idea of celebrating the moment. Good advice for us all.