The effects of thought in our world

KF asks about science and terms like electromagnetic fields and forces and waves to describe the actions of physical things. She wonders if these forces also affect thoughts and asks if thoughts can travel, create or manifest.

Thoughts have a vibrational quota just like every part of you. You create the thought and it moves out from you, just as you create a tone with your voice, or the sound of clapping your hands, or the heat of your body. All of these things create an energy force and move out from you. Thus it distorts another and is perceived by another—that is all. Science is truth. There is a need for it.

Oh yes, of course. So in terms of thoughts, if I have a thought about something…. I understand that if I have a negative thought about something it will affect my experience of it. Does it have a power beyond that?

Yes—the duration, the amount of energy put into the thought, the number of beings thinking the same thing—can create an effect in your world. Too much negativity can affect the choices of others. Too many negative thoughts around very young children who are opening and understanding their free will and choices, of course they will be affected.
Can it move mountains? No.
Can it create earthquakes? Yes.
Do you understand what I’m saying? Something that is fragile and can feel the energy, anything that has a receiver to receive it—yes, will be affected. Something that is very strong and would have great strength against it—not as much.

So it could actually have a physical effect. I certainly see the thoughts right now in the whole world being magnified into fear and anxiety because the media is spreading the news about how terrible everything is.

They receive attention from their negative thoughts and they spread even more so by verbalizing them.

I feel it’s important to turn that around.

This is truth.

Any advice?

Be that that you are. Do not partake in this negative thought. Whenever you feel it, correct it with a positive thought. Say it out loud if you wish or just think it. Do not allow it to be part of your path. If you take care of this, it will have an effect. Do not feed into those who wish only to discuss this. Do not pay attention to those areas of your communication that dwell only upon it.

And at some times and on some occasions speak it openly. As you know, you are one that is drawn forward at this time to help teach, to teach the new souls. This can be part of it—by speaking that there is always hope and opportunity for growth. To make the choices to the best that you can. Instead of just letting go and allowing this state to be, have an effect on it and change it to the positive. That is what is spoken of when we say that all the very evolved souls have been called upon to come forward.

Thank you. I’m just thinking of something that was said earlier this morning that there is a purpose for a negative—and that is to attract the positive. So the negative can bring forward a very powerful effect in all the positive thoughts.

There must be a negative in the physical world. It is only when it is out of balance that there is this chaos that you now experience. It is a sign of your times—you are out of balance. But it can be balanced.

Thank you. We will work on it.

I know you will.

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  1. Krista April 3, 2009 at 8:00 pm - Reply

    I feel as if I’m at a crossroads in my life. I’m unhappy with where I’m at and I feel restless most of the time. I’m transferring in the fall and have the choice to stay close to home or go farther away. I’m leaning towards starting fresh because of the people in my life. I’ve realized that people I thought had my best interests really didn’t and thats impacted where I want to go to school. Should I take my chances and start fresh and try to rebuild my life with new people or stay closer to home?

  2. Pam Case April 4, 2009 at 8:30 am - Reply

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  3. Anonymous April 4, 2009 at 8:42 am - Reply

    I feel like I’m one of the ‘evolved souls have been called upon to come forward’, but I also feel like there is something that I need to be doing that I’m not. I teach workshops and work in the field of metaphysics. Things have been very quiet for me recently. I feel so much better when I am working, not so much for the money (but that helps) but more for the ‘knowing’ that I have work to do. Trying to stay in the present moment. PC

  4. Anonymous April 5, 2009 at 11:57 pm - Reply

    Hello!I have intolerance to gluten and dairy, and I’m vegetarian, so foods can sometimes be troublesome :) Could this intolerance be connected to something I’m doing/being? I want to heal it, but have been unsuccessful. Could you please help me with this?, the answer is probably staring me in the face. Could you please also comment on Craig? I recognised him from a past life. Thank you, Elizabeth.

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