The effect of being unwanted on an unborn child


Someone who left no name asked if  a woman is pregnant  and does not want the child does it cause any negative effects to the baby.  She says, “Will the baby carry these or her emotions when it is born? Will the baby feel rejected for its lifetime? And if the baby is unwanted by the father (in utero) does this affect the baby?  Thank you for your wisdom.”

Emotions and feelings are energies.  They have a distinct wave pattern and yes, it affects all.  You must also understand the evolution of the being, the child being carried.  What you call child could very well be a very ancient being and this would have a very different effect than it might on one that is very new. So for each it is different.

But in truth it would always have an effect on the being.  As to how much it would affect a child’s path or the whole outcome of the life, there are many variables as there are fingerprints in your world, as there are energies. For some it may be very positive and for others it may be negative.   Both will have a purpose and the outcome will be growth.
Remember that a being chooses to come through.  They know what is present.  A new soul, perhaps, not as much. But the every evolved, very much. These ones often come to offer growth to others, to heal others.  To set something in motions to help them move forward, to complete a promise. Do not see this unborn child as a victim, but as a beautiful being you must love and support in whatever way you can.  For all children should be loved, all souls should be loved.  Forgive me for seeing them as wise amazing beings even when they are small.


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  1. LB December 1, 2009 at 10:36 am - Reply

    I know “soulmate” is just a term we use to describe soul connections in the physical world and I know that we can have a variety of different soul connections in a lifetime. Each one is special in its own way. However, is it possible to have a soul bond with another person that is stronger than all others? Is there a strongest “soulmate”, so to speak? Why do we have a stronger connection to some than others?

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