Tell them your truth — for this is how you teach

AN writes:

It really feels like I am in the last chapters of my time at my workplace but I would like to leave in a planned way and on a good note. And yet I have increasing demands on me and find it difficult to keep my head above the swirling politics….  How can I do my work and not get emotionally and physically exhausted during this period? I would be grateful for any feedback, thank you!

The guide’s response:

Firstly, you should have music on in this place where you work.  It helps you, it helps balance you as you know.  You need to know that you began to release yourself from this a long time ago.  You also knew that the politics would be difficult. You knew they would want you to be the leader, the voice, the one in the position which you do not want to be in as you have tried very much to not take on more and more, but that is what they want you to do.  And yet your conscious understanding is that there is so much needed and so few to actually have action and to help.  So few see and hear and help those that need to be heard and seen.  Help by helping those that you care the most about to find their own strength. It is more about these beings than any politics or conditions if you want to help and start releasing yourself from it.  You can leave at any one time.  You have set in motion certain conditions that will help you for a while. You will always want to help other beings though.  It is about those that think they know more than others and those that want to have power over others is what you cannot tolerate any longer.  It is as if it makes your skin crawl.

Firstly, have music around you and it would be helpful for others to hear it as well.  Open your heart to those that need to be seen and heard.  Tell them your truth.  Tell them your truth for this is how you teach.  It doesn’t mean you must stand in front of a board and show them letters it means this is what I believe, this is what I feel, this is what I seek.  I know the shy part of you doesn’t want to do this, but it knows it can.  You seek another position and there are many there that would want you.  The choice is yours.  But to get out of this choking atmosphere where more care is about the politics than the beings that they help is very important for you.  Such a sweet beginning can often turn this way.  But you have the choice of not being part of it.  Bless you for being.


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  1. MJ November 6, 2011 at 3:23 pm - Reply

    Dear Friends,

    I am in a situation at work where changes in technology are taking place at a very rapid pace. More and more is expected of me and I feel I’m subject to subtle intimidation (from my boss) in spite of taking the lead trying to learn the system, training other staff and trying very hard to maintain standards of service to our Customers. He points out to little errors in front of other staff members (even errors not made by me). I also get a sense of his own insecurities. This situation is contributing to my low self-esteem not only at work, but also in my personal life. I’m not sure if I’m just being over-sensitive or if the situation is real. Any enlightenment as to what lies ahead will be much appreciated.

  2. lynn easley November 6, 2011 at 4:05 pm - Reply

    i am going through major changes in my life. Divorce, new job, loss of beloved pets. It all seems to be happening to me at once and I feel alone and sad. What should I be paying attention to now to help make a brighter more positive future for myself?

  3. Funtastic November 6, 2011 at 5:41 pm - Reply

    I like your photography for the photos that you display on this page. Is it ok that I use some as my Facebook profile picture?

  4. Ann November 10, 2011 at 12:56 pm - Reply

    Dear angels and guiding spirits,

    I have two part-time jobs. One in sales and one in non-profit. I have more opportunities coming up with both. On the one side that is great on the other side I can’t let go of open a bakery/cupcakery. Why am I obsessing about this. I am watching anything about cakes, cupcakes and it has turn in to a huge obsession of mine. It is funny, but my soul is yearning for something more creative than what I am doing. I have no experience in this but have since I was a young girl been dreaming about my own little cake store…Thank you…

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