Tears enough to fill a swimming pool

Robbie asks about jealousy and envy. He says, “I used to be very jealous when I was younger but I grown a little and and I know that if you love someone you grant them freedom to do whatever they want.  I am absolutely ok with that, but why are there certain people who can really trigger these deep feelings in me?  It eats away at me sometimes. It’s over the smallest things that don’t seem to have any meaning! And I dont even have a partner. There is this one person who I love dearly and even an image of her or words she once said can bring up enough pain to leave me stuck for days! How do we know each other? And are we helping each other to grow in this experience? Is there any other way for me to release and clear this pain or energy? Or is crying the best remedy? I could fill an olympic swimming pool with tears.  It is so great that you can offer your guidance. Thank you.”

Dearest one, if you were given a choice of never having experienced that loss, would you have chosen it?  You need to see it from the other side.  You have grown and you are an amazing being an you have not closed your heart to another love.  In fact, many are attracted to you but you do not see it at this time.  You’ve never had difficulty attracting another being.  But right now, you want them not.  You are finding somewhat pleasure in that that was.  And you are feeling a bit that there is too much work involved with loving.  Oh, my blessed one, you would choose to do it again.  For you are a being of great light.  It might be difficult to understand that you chose this, even the painful part.  It was something of a balance.  Does it hold you back from the growth you have yet to do?  No.  It enriched you and in time you will see that.  Unfortunately, right now you are busy swimming in that pool.  But you will bounce out one day and there will be a being with a warm, fluffy towel there to love you.  Be at peace my dear.  You do well.

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