I have a question from Betty who would like to know how to talk to her twelve-year-old grandson who is on the autism spectrum.

Yes, dear happy Betty—the being is filled with light and love. A being with such joy inside wishes all beings to know such joy. As she might very well understand, the hearing processes, the specific obstacles that this small being has to deal with are very intense at times. But if she speaks quietly, with love in her voice and in her heart, touching when it is acceptable, lifting the eyes to eyes when possible, this being will hear her. She must never be loud or too high pitched for the hearing is super sensitive in this one. Do you understand what I speak?

Yes. Can you talk a little more about the autism?

Well, they say the spectrum but in truth each being is an individual. There have always been those that would have certain physical difficulties in the body. It creates that that they need to learn. It is not only a difficulty but often a great creator of growth. These beings are very evolved beings. They have a great purpose and great promises. But this one will grow.

Your world right now has great need to categorize. You feel more comfortable if you feel you belong to a group. Tell Betty that this shining star is one beautiful being, filled with light. Tell her to not listen to the limitations of groups, and to see the great wonder open within this very artistic being.

Thank you.