Taking time to find out who you are

A writes:

Will I be moving this year? With whom? And should I sell my shares right now or wait for a few months?

The guide’s response:

To be thinking about moving, there is a part of you feeling a need to escape, dearest.  And this is really a need to stand still and examine what you truly do want.  Your being has done this many times in order to grow, in order to be, to be sure of what you are doing.  I am not sure you should or shouldn’t; I am saying there is something you need to examine very well.  Sometimes, it is necessary to see yourself in this physical world as if to witness who you are.

Often times when dwelling in a body you forget where you are and what you are doing and why you are doing it.  Perhaps standing in front of a mirror and seeing that beautiful image and talking to it will help you to witness and to understand why you choose certain things.

As to the selling of shares and gaining finances and detaching from securities, this is not the time to do it dearest.  Do the other things first.  Find out who you are and what you want. You see, the instability of your physical world is being drawn to you right now by an instability that you feel.  Settle this first, dearest one. Ask for help and it shall be there for you.  Blessed one, you are loved.   Be still and see the wonder that you are.

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