Taking time to consolidate when feeling at a loss for direction

RGP feels she doesn’t have any direction. She says she has been told many times that she should be writing or that she will write a book. She asks, “Do you see this for me, or am I to be doing something else? I don’t seem to have any direction anymore. Just what is going on?”

When things feel as if they are standing still, it is often because it is a time to take account of all things. To harvest, to bring together all things that you have learned and grown and moved through. Is it a time to be still? Yes–so the essence of your being can be made clear again. If you move too quickly through this time you will often find at a later time that you will need to go back to it, to absorb.

I know in your world that things are moving faster and faster. In many ways, the spirit does this as well. You must take time out of your linear world to allow your spirit body dimension to catch up. So take this time to enjoy it, to be still. The greatest gift you are giving is your growth, your wonder in every part of it. Do not be so in a hurry to move forward. The writing of the book of you or the amazing mind that has the ability to capture the essence of other beings–you can do this if you first learn how you be. Rush not past this time my blessed one, enjoy it.

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