Taking time to allow creativity and growth

Yoni writes, “I am being true to myself now. What is the career direction for my energies and what future endeavours would be best for my spiritual development?”

Yes, it is good.  It was very much needed as this was a very drained, exhausted being.  First, take time and then allow  the creativity that simply simmers below the surface of this being.

Try many things, dear one.  You may at first feel awkward and uncomfortable and, in time, this will lead to a knowing where you must be.  The growth will be in helping others. The growth will be in seeking to heal.  For is it not said upon your plane that that you need to teach in order to what you need to learn?  So free up your being.  It is a great tool that you will use to  help others in time.

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  1. Missdynamicsoul September 12, 2010 at 11:48 am - Reply

    Thank you for responding to my last question..your response was such a knowing! I’m on a beautiful journey, I started meditating 1 yr. ago, to be relieved of physical pain along with emotional pain built up over yrs. While meditating everyday I now communicate with the seven people who have passed in my family. My dad is parenting me now, which he was not able to parent me while on earth, it’s everything I need and more, my mother protects me now, which she didn’t while here on earth. It’s beautiful, there messages now are healing my grown children and other family members. I know I have spirit guides, also. I’m being patient and guided more and more each day to heal others, my desire is huge to continue to heal within and continue to heal others. Could you speak on my family, my spirit guides and on my healing others? Thank you so much, I’m so happy I found you all, I read this everyday.

  2. Ann-Marie September 17, 2010 at 7:07 am - Reply

    I am at a crossroads in my life…I need help and guidance to move forward.

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