Bonnie S asks for guidance about her career.  She wonders if her dreams are going to bring prosperity in her life, or whether she should follow a new path.
Dearest Bonnie, your path has had many amazing things on it. There have been a few times when you have quickly moved past things and not truly understood completely the complexities and the depth of them.  Because of this, there is now a time in your path where there seems to be a stall in the action.
Oh she she created this; do not think it was done to her.  She may not understand that completely, but there can be times, before moving on too quickly, those around you might have to stall you a bit; trip you up. Not hurt you, but make you just slow down instead of moving too quickly into something that cannot be undone.
Dear Bonnie, it is time now to take stock of what and how and who you are, to look deep into your own being, not outside at other things.  See how you are liking it.  Do this with love and kindness.  Gentle soul, do not hurry.
Note:  When the guide speaks above of those around you having to stall you a bit, the reference is to the guides and energies that surround you in spirit.  Our spirit guides do have the ability to shift things sometimes so that we don’t rush into something that might be a big mistake.  Although ultimately, of course. we are the ones who make the decisions.