Ann-Marie writes:

Hi, just a quick question. I always see the number 22. When i check the time, it happens to be whatever hour, but minutes are always 22. I see license plates, addresses, even when I buy something my change consists of 22 cents.  I am never looking for the number, it just happens to pop up. Can you please let me know if this means anything?

The guide responds:

What would you like it to mean, blessed one?  For you have created it.  So, let’s see, would you like it to be a moment in which you speak with the angels and the guides around you?  Let it be that, then.  Let it be a moment where you have complete clarity with God.  First, love or just be still in the amazing process. For you stop at the 22, then why not give it a purpose?  You choose, my blessed one.  See yourself as the one constructing your path creating all of its magic and wonder.   You are love.